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Application Materials

1. Please provide the following application materials:

    a. Resume / CV

    b. Head shots (max 10 MB)

    c. 2 Videos that shows different repertoires and must be taken facing the conductor (Full orchestra is highly          recommended however chamber orchestra or string quintet with piano is also accepted)

    d. Videos must be sent through only Youtube Links (No Vimeo or other links are accepted) and each link                 must not exceed 10 minutes.

    e. Please make sure it is "Unlisted" or "Public" and NOT "Private" since the committee will not be able to see           it. 

2. Please go to "HOW TO APPLY" page and select the desired masterclass link to apply

3. Please complete your payment after you "submit" your application.


4. The application only be reviewed after we receive your payment.

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