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Conducting Masterclass

August 19 - 21, 2022

This masterclass is designed especially for advanced conducting students or professionals and will be held in the world-class acoustic concert hall - Aula Simfonia Jakarta.


Due to COVID-19 this masterclass is only for Indonesian citizen or citizen with resident permit in Indonesia. 

Open for public. 


Over the course of three (3) days, there will be maximum of 8 active participants with total of approximately 115 minutes of podium time for each participant. The individual needs of each conducting participant will be addressed in front of chamber orchestra and/(or) full orchestra. The course will focus on conducting technique, knowledge of the score and rehearsal techniques. 

Each participant will have the chance to work with a chamber ensemble and a full orchestra. 

Each active participant is required to have a Bachelor of Music / Diploma in Conducting or equivalent. 

This course is also open for public as auditors / observers of all ages. However, please note that auditors/observers will not get any podium time with the chamber ensemble / full orchestra. Please see information below for auditors/observers fee. 


Auditors / Observers

Full Session - 3 days

IDR 250.000 (for students)

IDR 400.000 (for adults)

Daily Fee

IDR 100.000 (for students)

IDR 150.000 (for adults)

  • The masterclass fee will include both audio and video recording for each session for the active participants purposes.

  • All audio and video usage must follow policy and regulations from the orchestra and the venue. 

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